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Our Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Service is housed in the same facility as our world class helicopter repair shop. We know better than anyone where your parts are most likely to suffer from wear and stress. 

We also test parts for fixed-wing aircraft, oil and gas equipment, or any other field. If you can ship it, we can test it. Call us for the size limitations of our machines.

Logic Aviation has the best equipment available for Magnetic Particle and Fluorescent Penetrant NDT.

Our magnetic particle machine for all steel components runs up to 6000 amps. Beyond detecting surface cracks with AC, we can also detect flaws below the surface with DC. We demagnetize your parts in the same machine, which protects the part throughout the process. 

Our fluorescent penetrant process line is ideal for all magnesium and aluminum parts. The entire process is also housed in one continuous line to make sure your parts are kept safe all along the way.

Logic Aviation is cleaner, faster, and closer.

As mechanics ourselves, we know the importance of maintaining a clean shop. Dust and dirt can cause problems for sensitive mechanical parts, and there is plenty of that outside to contend with. Our NDT Service Center Lab is in a spotless clean room so your parts come back to you in the same condition they left. 


With dedicated personnel for NDT, we turn around your parts more quickly than most NDT facilities. We will match the time frame you need to the best of our ability. We know what it's like to wait on an overhaul while parts are out for testing. When you call, let us know your ideal timeline, and we'll do what we can to match it. 


Located in the heart of the America, Logic Aviation's NDT service is close to everyone. This shortens shipping times and costs and further improves our turnaround time. 

40636 Industrial Park Rd.
Tecumseh, OK 74873
Phone: 405-395-9697
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